Open Adoption
Open adoption involves sharing confidential information like full names and addresses with the adoptive family. In an open adoption you will develop an ongoing relationship with the adoptive family and the child. You will choose, meet and interview the family who you desire to adopt your child. The amount of ongoing contact between you and your child and the adoptive family is agreed upon by both parties. This contact may include visiting with the child as he/she grows, or attending special functions with the extended family members, etc.

Open adoption may also include direct correspondence between you and the adoptive family that may include letters, videos, and photos which will be sent directly to you. There is direct contact with each other in person, via email, postal mail, and/or telephone.

Semi-open Adoption
In a semi-open adoption you may choose a family without totally disclosing or exchanging personal information. Here you would only exchange your first names with each other for example. You may choose a family from a non-identifying profile from ASCS’s Waiting Families Book. The agency acts as a mediator between you and the adoptive family before and after the birth of the child. You can choose to meet the family before the child is born with your counselor present. All contact and correspondence between the adoptive family and the birth family such as gifts, photographs, letters, videos are sent through the agency.

Closed Adoption
In a closed adoption all confidential information except for the medical and social history remains confidential and there is no further contact between you and your child. You do not exchange any identifying information. You may request that the agency choose your child's adoptive family. There is no sharing of information after the adoption is final. Access to finding you is limited by the law and must be mutual at the time that the child is of a legal age.