Church Support Opportunities

Adoption Support & Consultation Services, Inc. (ASCS, Inc) is a fully licensed child-placing agency, which aims to serve any teen/woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Through the agency she can receive information on what her parenting options are should she choose not to abort her child.

ASCS can provide many services to pregnant women including assistance with living expenses, medical care, support groups, crisis pregnancy counseling and more. All services to pregnant women regardless of age are completely FREE. ASCS, Inc. welcomes anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy who would like some guidance.

Potential adoptive parents are also served. ASCS, Inc. wishes to provide loving and stable homes to infants and children by extending low cost, affordable domestic adoption services to adoptive parents. There is also a special program that will actively seek, recruit, and educate persons of color on the benefits of adoption.

By working with the church community, ASCS, Inc. seeks to locate more individuals and families open to expanding their families through adoption, thereby aiding in the reduction of the number of infants and children affected by childhood homelessness.

How Can Your Church Help?:
“Sunday’s Child”
As situations arise, ASCS would like to run information about a child(ren) in need of permanent families in church announcements, on bulletin boards, in mass email mailings etc. Information will focus one child or sibling group each month, unless there are urgent situations that require immediate attention.

ASCS, Inc. would like to be a part of your Missions ministry. Donations will assist pregnant women in various areas need, including but limited to: housing, mental health counseling, medical, living and legal expenses. Donations will also be used as needed to help sponsor potential adoptive parents who may need assistance in paying agency and/or legal fees.

At times our mothers may wish to obtain pastoral counseling. Are persons who are not members of your church able to receive such services? If so, may we add you to the Pastoral Counselor Directory? If you would like to be added to this directory please contact the main office at (813) 425-2367.

On-site Presentations
A member of ASCS, Inc. will be delighted to provide your members with information about adoption. Topics may include the types of adoption, finding an agency, steps to adoption, how members may conduct individual searches for adoptable children, and the benefits of adoption.