How Can I Help?

ASCS welcomes anyone who would like to assist in meeting the goals of the agency. There are numerous ways in which you can help in accomplishing this. If you are a church/religious organization click here for special program details.

If adoption is not right for your family, why not help in making the dream of adoption a reality for others? By donating and/or serving as a sponsor, you can assist in a myriad of ways, such as helping with a young woman’s medical costs, ensuring a birth mother has adequate food and clothing during her pregnancy, or assisting an adoptive couple with their legal fees.

Remember, ASCS is a NON PROFIT agency seeking to greatly reduce the overall cost of adoption for loving families. All donations go towards that goal, whether it is recruiting and assisting birth moms, or finding a home for a baby, or assisting adoptive families with the process...


Email or call us today to find out how!