Anyone who has considered adoption has probably asked this question of themselves, “Should I really adopt?” It is important to know that adoption is a lifetime commitment. Adoption provides permanency to a child, and potential adoptive parents should take time out to think about whether or not permanency among others is something they can truly provide.

Adoptive parents should also reflect upon the true reasons they are seeking to adopt. If the decision to adopt is based solely upon external factors such as pressure from friends and family to have a child, then adoption may not the right choice at this time.

Adoptive parents should realize the main difference about this new person coming into their lives is that the baby “did not come through you but to you!” In other words, the child did not come through the adoptive mother by birth but came to you by the process of adoption. All other factors of raising a child will be the same as if the child was born of you, such as the financial responsibilities, the giving of your love, and time, and the significant changes to your lifestyle that children can bring. Just as with a child that is born to you, know that your love, patience and commitment may be tested during the various stages of his or her childhood. Can you stand strong? Are you ready for parenthood?

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